Kosminen gallery hosts a bookshop run by Khaos Publishing, and an archive of photobooks.


The archive

Our archive of photobooks is meant to serve as inspiration and reference. Visitors are welcome to browse the archive during the opening hours of the gallery.

Kosminen’s archive consists of two separate collections: Photobooks From Finland, and the gallery’s own selection of publications.

Photobooks From Finland was founded in 2014 and has since grown into an association run by six artists. Like the name implies, their mission is to promote photobooks and to collect publications that are linked to Finland in some way. More information and a list of the books owned by the association can be found on

Kosminen gallery’s own archive is curated by the members of the Kosminen collective, and consists of photobooks and zines that bring us joy and excitement. The archive has received generous support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2017.

Submissions are more than welcome!

The bookshop

The bookshop sells a selection of zines, magazines and books by independent publishers. Books can also be ordered online via Khaos Publishing’s web page.

Payment in store with card or cash. Inquiries regarding the bookshop, such as questions about distribution, should be sent to Khaos Publishing - khaos [at]