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Ipek Burçak: The Autistic Turn + Kolonel Blip DJ Set

Multimedia Reading and Listening Performance of the
book “The Autistic Turn” by Ipek Burçak (TR/DE) + DJ
Set Kolonel Blip (TR/AT)

The Autistic Turn is a project of Ipek Burçak which includes an artist’s book and spreads itself into other forms and media.

In this project, she is engaged in building neurodiverse and feminist
future scenarios where human and non-human agents meet each other in an uncanny valley at very high temperatures. As there is not much water left, water brings different communities together in a hammam-like setting. The Autistic Turn is based on research about affective computing, robots that show and recognise emotions, the idiosyncrasies of the autism spectrum, how they come together and the politics beside affects. These also enable connections with shamanist practices and matriarchal structures. Autistic turn comes after the previous turns such as the affective turn and other western feminist turns and aims to bring a fresh wave. Links, facts and non-facts emerge that in turn affect affective computing.

The reading and listening performance leans on and opens up the book and its audio version. Cut-up poems are complemented by visuals and multi-layered recordings.


Kolonel Blip (Eren Ileri) is co-founder of “Well Gedacht”, a Vienna based record label and collective. His distinctive sound incorporates elements from Turkish pop nostalgia with hip-hop beats in a style which he calls “Future Fantezi”. Alongside his DJ set, he will present items from Well Gedacht’s catalogue.

His latest album: