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Rosanna Lefeuvre: An open collar

Rosanna Lefeuvre’s artistic approach probes the entanglements between photography and textile. This association derives from the history of painting - a practice that ever since the Renaissance has been related to textiles through its underlying layer: the canvas. Lefeuvre’s photographs are about the female body, its sensuality as well as its symbolic link to fabrics, drapes or oral motifs.

An open collar deals with the representation of intimacy and the position of the viewer. It invites the spectator to enter a realm of intimacy as if to look closely at the details of a painting. Some of An open collar’ s images are jacquard woven fabrics. This materiality transforms our connection to the image into a physical relationship, reinforced by ever present silky fabrics and bare skin.

Oversized weavings subject the spectator to a double relation: one is immersed as much as one is held at a distance. Engaging in this ongoing oscillation, one has to look at the fabrics from a certain distance to understand what they depict but also to come closer to understand the particular process of manufacture. These images are also an invitation to touch - a gesture often discouraged in institutional settings, and to which digital images have made us unaccustomed.


Rosanna Lefeuvre (Paris, b. 1993) has been studying textile and color design at EnsAD in Paris from which she graduated in 2018. In 2017, she integrated the image section at Duperré. Her work probes the entanglements between photography and textile.
In 2019, she was selected at the Salon de Montrouge and was exhibited at the Bubenberg Gallery and La Villette in Paris. She will be exhibited in London in August. She also won the 3rd price of the Prix Picto de la Mode. In 2018 she was one of the laureate of the Bettencourt Foundation. An open collar is her first solo exhibition in Finland.

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