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Eevi Rutanen: Uncanny Dimple

Eevi Rutanen’s first solo show examines the close proximity between the cute and the creepy. Drawing from roboticist Masahiro Mori’s concept of the “Uncanny Valley”, which explains the eeriness of lifelike robots, Rutanen's theory of the Uncanny Dimple portrays a parallel phenomenon in the context of cuteness. The robotic creatures inhabiting the soft depths of the dimple demonstrate the subversive power of cute, where adoration borders on aggression, delight turns into disgust, and meek dependance is a clandestine way of asserting dominance and demanding attention. Like the cyborg of Donna Haraway, these creatures defy the boundaries between natural and unnatural, subject and object, submission and domination, creating queer couplings between humans, animals and machines.

In the work of Eevi Rutanen (b.1992, Espoo), interactive installations, sculpture and software merge into uncanny hybrids of bodies and technology. Drawing on her background in bioengineering, Eevi's work is often inspired by biological processes and forms. By combining computational systems and scientific paradigms with frivolity and feminist theory, she strives to imagine alternative ways of being and knowing through empowered softness and sensuality. Eevi graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Aalto University in 2016, and is currently finishing her MFA degree in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths College, London. She has participated in multiple group shows in Helsinki and in London, and is also a member of GRMMXI, a design collective committed to non-hierarchical collaboration and friendship.

ig: @eebiru

Graphic design: Tuomas Kortteinen & Eevi Rutanen

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