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Dylan Ray Arnold
Samantha Conlon
Fia Doepel
Theo Elias
Tero Niskanen
Frans Nybacka
Emilia Pennanen

Magnetic dust rustles, an ancient tree grows in spirals, underwater planets undulate and a large shell trembles slightly as a new creation myth emerges in Hatching, the inaugural exhibition of the art space Kosminen.

Since the beginning of human history, nature and spirituality have played a central role in all art created. Hatching pays homage to this tradition, but approaches both themes as enigmas to be explored rather than motifs to be depicted. The included works by eight artists are all tied together by a pervasive sense of curiosity; a need to penetrate the surface.

With works ranging from installation and sculpture to photography and painting, and with distinctly modern methods like silicone molding and electricity meeting classical painting and drawing, Hatching is a celebration of the polyphonic nature of contemporary art. The artists taking part in the exhibition were invited to contribute as a result of an open call in which we asked people to submit the names of their artist friends rather than their own. This is in accordance with Kosminen's mission, which is to promote friendship and community.

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