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Valter Tornberg

VALTER TORNBERG (2017) presented works from Tornberg’s graduate fashion collection from Aalto University alongside related sculptural and textile based explorations.

The works brought together fashion historical elements (such as revised versions of a Victorian era men’s jacket and a renaissance shirt) with both historical and recent art and design references, welded together into an investigative fashion presentation.

Elaborately handcrafted garments were rendered into useless objects through sculptural and painterly transformations, resulting in hybrids of various cultural disciplines. Ceramic-like objects were fabricated entirely from synthetic materials, with organic appearing textures and utilitarian shapes. The same fabrics used to construct the garments were treated with acrylic inks and hung from the walls with tactical parachute cords.

Through blatant means of appropriation and sampling, the works questioned originality as a force of cultural development, infusing physical matter with zeitgeist. The cycle of western fashion works in repetitive loops, with things once deemed old doomed to always come back in a Frankenstein version of its former self. We have never been modern.

Double Protruder
Earlier Event: August 9
Amanda Lucia Côté: form, format
Later Event: June 2
Taru Happonen: SHE