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<< Here are many, many castles >>
to Mar 23

<< Here are many, many castles >>

Research on mythological spaces in Kalevala by Bertille Gosset & Meri Wiikinkoski

Kalevala, most famous for its complex heroes, mythical creatures and virgin suicides, is a multilayered narration. Space is a character on its own, that navigates in parallel to the storyline and creates one dimension of the book. Sometimes it pops up suddenly to give information on the background of the action but it can also become the main story as an oneiric poetical development.

« Here are many, many castles » is a collaboration between two architects, Meri Wiikinkoski from Finland, and Bertille Gosset from France. The exhibition is a way to explore the cultural environment and its ubiquitous representations in our everyday life by two different minds, one being bathed in it since born and the other completely foreign to it.

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